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 Revival seriesBush starts September 27

The annual FCC Revival services will be held September 27 to 30 with Jeff Bush as the guest speaker. The Sunday service will start at 6 pm; the remaining services will start at 7 pm. Will Strunk, minister of Grover Church of Christ, will lead the worship each evening.

Jeff is the lead minister at MVA Church of Christ in Marion, OH, where he has served for three years. Before that he was a worship minister in three different congregations over the course of 10 years, beginning at MVA Church of Christ in 2001.

For eight years Jeff traveled and served at church camps, conferences, and other youth venues in a band called fishhook. Jeff continues to speak and sing periodically as a proud representative of his father’s ministry, Art Bush Ministry, Inc.

Jeff and his wife, Trish, have been married since 2000. Trish is a physician’s assistant, a home schooler, a Christian education organizer at MVA, and a tremendous source of encouragement to Jeff. They have three children, Abby (12), Liam (10), Ewan (4), a dog, Molly, and never a dull moment.

Jeff is a rain or shine (mostly rain) Pittsburgh Pirates fan and certified Star Wars geek. If you are a Cincinnati Reds or Star Trek fan, Jeff will join Peter in his maturing understanding in Act 10, as God has shown him that he should not call anyone impure or unclean. If God could graft Gentiles into the vine, then Trekies and Reds fans should probably be welcomed as well.